VENTRY's BEginnings

The year was 2020. Or did it just turn 2020? Who knows… The only thing of importance is the setting, the sublime and the vibe that created a bond that would not be faltered. Not even by a pandemic called corona.

An Austrian & a Swede found themselves traversing the beautiful alps on their never-ending search of that ‘perfect ski day’. And somehow amongst the noise of this world they found more than that. A collective mission and vision was born to revolutionise the choices our next generation of change-makers have. But they did not know this moment would eventually turn into not only a remote company, but an almost perfect fit to these quickly changing times. All thanks to their framework of Crisis = Adaptation = Change.

Fully embracing the strange times COVID-19 brought into this already unstable world, they took the opportunity to pivot in a true feat of entrepreneurship and adapt to the quickly changing times of this global crisis.

From envisioning a physical incubator program they  wanted to test on themselves, they morphed their seed-thought into solving the age-old problem of education not being tailored to strengths and maximising potential. And most importantly the problem of education systems suffocating the entrepreneurial energy so many of us have, but are unable to realise.

Thus, VENTRY was born. We are currently building our vision to inspire our future leaders to seize their potential. We believe we can do this by creating the accelerator program we always wish we had. And most importantly, we are connecting our future leaders to each other, as we grow a remote community of young entrepreneurs that are just like us: driven, passionate and bold.

It's time we change things.

It's time our future leaders tap into their full potential.

It's time to start your VENTRY.

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Our dream

How We See The Future

VENTRY wants to rethink the way our next generations approaches their future. We want to be informing first and empowering second. We will do this by eliminating preconditioning and enabling the up and coming change-makers to truly seize their potential.

🧭 Our mission is to provide remote acceleration programs, innovation crash courses, and community building.

🔭 Our vision is to hand over the keys of entrepreneurship to our next generation change-makers.

We dream of a community that holds the driven, passionate and bold individuals that are hungry to make a change.

As a society, it is our duty to enable our next generations to build their tomorrow. Today.

Our future leaders shouldn't have to wait.

The Team

DJ &

Bermudian born growth mindset freak
with a love for house music
and an Austrian passion for skiing.

Julian Paul
Head of product

Business junkie with the eyes on the
UN Sustainability Development Goals
and a constant craving for Pasta Carbonara.

Leon Allinge
head of sales

Our growing advisory

Are you interested in becoming an industry leader, advisor or a mentor? 

Reach out & let us know why you'd be a great fit here.

This is our capable team of legends thus far: