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Why Remote & What Remotely

VENTRY is committed to accelerating the next generation of change makers from the earliest possible moment. Our target demographic are entrepreneurially minded individuals aged 16-22. We aim to not only provide imminent and necessary perspective, but also long-lasting support for their future.

Once accepted having completed 'VENTRY Step 1 | Getting to know you', its time to apply to your RAC, from which you can graduate onto 'Get Strapped':


A Community of next generation change-makers like you

We are currently building a handpicked Slack Community of entrepreneurial minds through a personalised application process. We want you to be able to bounce off ideas, share knowledge and ultimately elevate eachother.


🚀 A FREE 14-Day Remote Accelerator Cohorts | RAC → from idea to business

Our main offering is a FREE 14-Day intensive accelerator program with the desired outcome is to maximise creativity and innovation with 2 major topics for each day. This accelerator will run on a 'Makers Schedule' and either 'Solo' or 'Buddy System' to create a Founder/Co-Founder approach through accountability & commitment:



Focusing around Inspiration, Motivation & Purpose Discovery, the aim of this day is to lay the groundwork for your remote accelerator cohort.



Deep diving into visuals through learning the ins & outs of brand identity, brand strategy & visual identity. Brand is especially how people feel about you!



User experience means putting the user at the center of any product or design decision. Here you will learn everything around being human-centered in your iterations.


Driven by Data

Data is the beating heart of all technological innovation. Learn how to gather, analyse & evaluate data to better inform your business decisions and future pivots.


Coding & Tools

From the fundamentals we will cover the importance of being able to make sense of how languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript work together for digital products.


48hr Concept

This is the first 48hr sprint that will take place on the Saturday & Sunday from 9-5. In this sprint you will launch a working brand & MVP!


48hr Concept

This is the first 48hr sprint that will take place on the Saturday & Sunday from 9-5. The last day will be celebrating & condensing learnings!


People & Teams

Leadership, Team 
Development & Culture are they key to any successful VENTRY. We will move micro to macro, covering it all: from the individual to the team.


Business & Finance

Business & Finance will introduce you to the vital skills of bringing value to all stakeholders, especially the revenue streams to yourself.. The key is planning your business.


Growth & Commerce

Ever heard of the 3 phases of companies? Well, here you will learn all about Startup, GrowUp & ScaleUp, as you combine your knowledge making money online.


Sales & Pitch Training

Every VENTRY needs partnerships & collaborations. But if you do not know how to position & sell yourself, you also won't get anywhere. So this vital training will prep you proper!



This day is simple. From day 1 we will listen in an organise the speakers your cohort is in need of hearing from, so you can get even more value out of your time with us!


48hr The
Startup | DAY1

The last two days are game on again, as you will complete the second 48hr sprint aimed at bringing your MVP into the Startup Phase! We will guide and support you 24/7.


48hr The
Startup | DAY2

The RAC finally results in a delivery deadline of all Startup Pitches & Decks, as you will be judged by a panel of industry leaders, who will pick the finalists for the 2-Week Get Strapped Program.


🥾 2-Weeks 'get strapped' | GS → Bootstrap your digital business the right way.

After the 14-Day Remote Accelerator Cohort, a panel will vote on the winning ideas that will then be incubated during a 2-week 'Get Strapped' period, where you will receive all of the necessary competence, network and know-how to succeed with your business. The VENTRY founders, advisors & mentors will personally build a close and lasting relationship with the winning teams, whilst assisting them with designing their future digital businesses.

Are you interested in becoming an industry leader, advisor or mentor? 

Reach out & let us know why you'd be a great fit here.

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