VENTRYs Beginnings


May 11, 2020


Internal Story


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May 11, 2020


Let's cover some ground. How did we get where we are? Why do we exist? Who are we even? Get to know us more in this deep dive into our beginnings.

The year was 2020. Or did it just turn 2020? Who knows... The only thing of importance is the setting and the sublime vibe.

An Austrian & a Swede found themselves traversing the beautiful alps on their never-ending search of that 'perfect ski day'. And somehow amongst this noisy world they found more than that. A collective mission and vision was born to revolutionise the choices our next generation of change-makers have. But they did not know this moment would eventually turn into not only a remote company, but an almost perfect fit to these quickly changing times. All thanks to our framework of Crisis = Change = Adaptation.

Fully embracing the strange times COVID-19 brought into this already unstable world, we took the opportunity to pivot in a true feat of entrepreneurship and adapt to the quickly changing times of this global crisis.

From envisioning a physical incubator program we wanted to test on ourselves, we morphed into solving the age-old problem of education not being tailored to strengths. And most importantly the problem of education systems suffocating the entrepreneurial energy so many of us have, but are unable to realise.

Thus, VENTRY was born and we are now building our vision to inspire our future leaders to seize their potential. And we believe we can do this by creating the accelerator program we always wish we had. And most importantly, we are connecting our future leaders to each other with a growing remote community of young entrepreneurs that are just like us: driven, passionate and bold.

It's time we change things.

It's time we inform and empower our future leaders with the options and opportunities they deserve.

It's time our future leaders tap into their full potential.

It's time to start your VENTRY:

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